Club Info

  • It is in the player’s best interest to attend as many tryout sessions as possible. Sometimes the players need more than one tryout session to overcome nerves or a bad shooting night.
  • Each player will be evaluated on key skill levels (shooting, dribbling, passing, defense) in drills and games.
  • Rosters will be posted on the Jr Crusaders Basketball website for each age group as soon as they are finalized.
  • St. Dominic High School is supportive of the Jr Crusaders Basketball Program, but the school and its coaches are NOT involved in the selection of the teams.
  • Final coaching decisions will be made AFTER the team rosters have been completed.
  • There will be coaches involved in the evaluation of players, but each coach’s evaluation will be just one of a multitude of evaluations completed for each player.
Parent and Player Code of Conduct:
  • Each family and player will sign a code of conduct to ensure that everyone represents the Jr Crusaders Basketball Program in a positive manner.
  • Each team will have approximately 8 players and we hope to have 2 teams for boys and girls in each grade (4th-8th).
  • Each team should have a team manager who coordinates practice schedule, leagues/tournament schedules and collect payments when necessary.
  • Each team will have weekly practices-starting as early as mid-October (Mandatory in November).
  • We try to schedule practices for teams the same night each week, but practice nights may vary based on gym availability.
Skills’ nights:
  • Skills training will be Monday nights beginning early November from 6:00-9:00 PM at St. Dominic High School or alternate locations if there are gym conflicts.
  • Mandatory training is ONLY for Jr Crusaders’ Basketball players between November – February.
  • All Jr Crusaders teams will participate in the CNR League, which plays games throughout the St. Louis area. At least half of the teams’ games will be played in St. Charles County.
  • Teams will be placed in A or B divisions depending on the skill level of the team as a whole.
  • Each team will play 20-30 games depending on the number of league games and tournaments the team decides to participate in. This is based on 10 CNR league games and 10 or more games in tournaments.

*Each team determines when to start league play based on roster availability

  • Teams usually play 3-4 tournaments but some teams may choose to play more.
  • Uniforms will be used for 2 years (new uniforms were ordered for 2018/19 season). Uniforms include 1 full reversible jersey uniform, and reversible practice jersey. Approximate cost of all items is $95. Uniforms and additional (optional) spirit wear is ordered and paid through BSN (not included in club fees).
  • Tournaments: 3-4 at approximately $250 per tournament. (Some teams may play additional tournaments)
  • CNR League Fee for 10 games: approximately $80 per player. (Some teams may play additional games)
  • Total Cost:  $375.00 (this includes CNR league play [10 games], up to 3 tournaments, skills’ training Nov – Feb, gym rental fees).  $100.00 due approximately two weeks after rosters posted.  Remaining balance due at first Skills’ session in early November.